Applied Machine Learning

I do machine learning (ML) for a living, but I’ve never applied it to my everyday life. I sold my car when moving to the Bay Area so now I use buses for my commute to work and to get to and from San Francisco. I rarely have better than a 15 minute window of when I think I’ll arrive because bus schedules don’t often hold up to reality. We can use machine learning to change that.

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Welcome, and hello. I’m Will Beason, that guy on the about page.

I need a place for my thoughts. I think a lot of things and like to write them down. Turns out, Facebook is not the ideal medium for discussing how entropic gravity would make a cool hard scifi story, that causal entropic forces can simulate intelligence, or what the book I just read made me think. Sometimes I make art with math and want to talk about how I made it. (Hint: header image)

Besides a mishmash of physics, mathematics, and computer science, I find a lot of other things interesting. Information is cool, and I like studying how it comes together to make systems. I think of myself as a cyberneticist.

Maybe you’ll find this interesting.