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Hi, I’m Will Beason (he/him).Image--45.jpg

I’m a 30-year-old PhD student in Austin, TX, and I’m going to change the world with my ideas on ethical, sustainable AI. On this blog I write about ethical and sustainable AI and occasionally recreational mathematics.

It’s been an interesting road to get here. No signs of slowing down or stopping soon.

I wrote my first lines of Python code at age 13, excited to join the Civilization 4 modding community. In middle school I played with websites and procedural art algorithms. I explored R and C++ in college, landing one summer gig as a biostatistician and another as an intern at Los Alamos. Out of college I worked on natural-language processing for IBM Watson, machine learning for Google Research, and crash clustering for Firebase. I took a year off from the corporate world, working a year as a data scientist for hiring-automation startups. I most recently worked for the Google Kubernetes team where I made open source contributions to OPA Gatekeeper. I never got around to that modding.

I now live with my fiancé in Austin, Texas. I befriended him in 2015 and we kept in touch after I moved away to work for Google. He’s been an important part of my life for years, and we’ve been officially together since 2017. He’s supportive, and always excited to hear of my latest ventures.

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